El Pegasus

In Greek mythology Pegasus is a winged horse, a child of Poseidon and Medusa. It likes to be at fountains and it is also able to originate fountains.

A strong and agile animal like the horse, that can rise up to the sky: that is the pure power of spirit and body. The winged messenger frees and opens the mind. Some see in him a sign of immortality, others the conqueror of adverse conditions.

Imagine, the winged horse accepts you on its back. It gallops and spreads its big wings. You feel the power of the earth and in the same time you will be detached from her. With infinite strong wing beats Pegasus carries you up to the sky where the light is clear without being filtered through smog.

Actually it is the spirit itself that arises. The one who flies is between earth and sky, neither heavy nature nor pure spirit. This is the ride on Pegasus. In this in-between realm one should not wonder to experience completely new things. Something new, never-seen-before, a travel of a particular kind. To this it points to, the beautiful flying horse. Who meets Pegasus, should become ready for something new. Some courage is needed, because one leaves back some boundaries.